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Phil Stephens is an Indiana native and a graduate of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and of the Dale Carnegie Course. He spent many years working in Fortune 500 America. Raised in a solidly Catholic family, he attended Catholic grade schools in the 1960s and served as an Altar Boy. His writing has appeared in the local newspaper and Pen IT literary magazine. His passions include reading in his favorite genres—history and horror. He also enjoys cooking, exercising, and the environment. Stephens resides in beautiful Brown County in Southern Indiana with his wife Marie, and has an adopted granddaughter, Crystal Maiden, in the Philippines.


  1. Hi Phil.

    Congratulations on your publication.

    I am a local author from IL and recently had a wonderful book signing @ the Lafayette, IN B&N. Your name was mentioned as an aggressive author who works hard to promote your books.

    I’ve been advertising on a billboard, on FB, print media, on the radio, on Amazon (although I have not seen the ad as it is considered, “random”) and mailed postcards to libraries and bookstores.

    Being a writer is difficult and I am always learning. It’s always nice to hear about other local authors as well.

    Happy holidays, to you and your family.

    Kris Condi



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